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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022A conceptual analytical model for the decentralized energy-efficiency management of the national economyBorodina, Oksana; Kryshtal, Halyna; Hakova, Mira; Neboha, Tetiana; Olczak, Piotr; Koval, Victor
2021Adequate behavior and high culture as a prerequisite for the formation of youth healthХмель-Дунай, Г.М.
2023Analysis of Financial Outsourcing Management in Regional Environmental SystemsKoval, Viktor; Olczak, Piotr; Hakova, Mira; Bilyi, Mykhailo; Kretov, Dmitry; Laktionova, Olga
2021Breakthrough technologies as a factor of formation of information economy in the conditions of digitalizationТесленко, Т.В.
2022Business marketing activities in Ukraine during wartimeДжинджоян, В.В.
2021Conditions of legality of termination of criminal proceedings at the stage of pretrial investigationЛитвинов, В.В.
2021Criminal environmental protection: international practices and priorities for improvingКириченко, О.В.
2022Criminal liability for corruption offenses: a comparative legal aspect.Кириченко, О.В.
2018Current trends in global demographic processesДжинджоян, В.В.; Сардак, С.Е.
2020Development of historical and cultural tourist destinationsДжинджоян, В.В.
2023Dialogics of idea form-creation as a means of thinkingСамойлов, О.Є.
2020Effect on the bactericidal device for decontamination the ai microorganisms in poultry house on the content of toxic gasesХолод, І.В.
2023Euthanasia: National and International Experience (Based on the European Court of Human Rights Practice Materials)Орлова, О.О.; Алфьорова, Т.М.; Лежнєва, Т.М.; Черноп'ятов, С.В.; Кириченко, О.В.
2021Features of the investigation of hooliganism committed by football fans.Кириченко, О.В.
2021Flipped Learning: Strategies and Technologies in Higher EducationБердо, Р.С.
2021-07Flipped Learning: Strategies and Technologies in Higher EducationMiziuk, Viktoriia; Berdo, Rimma; Derkach, Larysa; Kanibolotska, Olha; Stadnii, Alla
2017Foreign experience of public administration in the context of the economic equilibrium of synthetic economic crisisСардак, С.Е.; Джинджоян, В.В.
2021Formation of the anti-crisis concept of increasing the strategic stability of UkrzaliznytsiaДьомін, Є.
2021Fraud in the banking system of Ukraine: ways to combat taking into account foreign experience.Кириченко, О.В.
2016Global innovations in tourismДжинджоян, В.В.; Сардак, С.Е.; Самойленко, А.О.